Take a look around the Internet. It is filled with websites that use every possible bell and whistle, just because they can. Just because the webmaster knew how to do it. But the question always must be: does it all serve the website owner and the visitors the site is supposed to attract? Does it make the website more effective, easy to use, and engaging?

I specialize in affordable, focused websites. I try to effectively and efficiently express the message and personality of the artist, musician, or business.

If you need Flash animation, or other fancy stuff, I’ll be glad to do it. But I tend to go for the simpler, calmer effect. A pleasant combination of shape, color, images, and words.

The Internet is a valuable tool for connecting with customers, drumming up business, spotlighting your work, and communicating worldwide. A website is your perfect « living brochure, » your ever-evolving sales and marketing tool, always updatable, always ready for something new. At any time you can add, delete, or amend the contents.

I like to work in a cordial and easy-going style. I’m cooperative, and patient! Get in touch with me soon and let me know what you are imagining. (Use the « Get Estimate » link to the left. I’ll respond by email.)

I’ll be glad to give you some preliminary informal feedback by phone or email at no charge. If we then decide to move forward, I guarantee we’ll have fun!