The Joy of Web Design

The Joy of Web Design

Providing website design and online presence for artists, musicians, startups, independent professionals, and small businesses is something I really enjoy. I love working with people who want to create an online presence that is clear, clean, expressive, and focused.

Successful web design is a great combinaton of technology and art – as a musician, that’s part of why I like it. An engaging website is attractive and techno-efficient, accessible, pleasing on the eye and easy to navigate, one that successfully communicates and sells your unique product, service, personality and message. Here as of July 1 are some of the projects I just completed:

January 2022: a new collaboration with Pierre Prat, websites creator in Toulouse, France

Since more than 15 years, Pierre is focused to help his customers to boost their business with websites and Google SEO. He has created more than 100 websites for customers based in Toulouse, France. More information of this « créateur de sites Internet à Toulouse »

June 2011: a new website for Bronson Piano Studio.

Lyn and Renée Bronson are two distinguished piano pedagogues in Carmel, California, who have been online for some time, with more than one website design. They asked me to do a remake for them and in June we launched a totally new site with expanded depth and richeness of design to express the depth of Lyn and Renée’s artistry as musicians and teachers. Every detail, graphic, and logo of this site is totally new.

June 2011: a new website for Peninsula Reviews.

Lyn Bronson is also editor and pubisher of Peninsula Reviews, a website that publishes reviews of classical music events throughout the Monterey Peninsula and occasionally beyond. That’s why the Bronson Piano Studio site design blends into this one, nonetheless they are two entirely separate sites although they are linked and scripted together with WordPress. We are re-installing the categories and some of the widgets, but the site is live, new and all the scripts seem to be debugged!

June 2011: a 2011-2012 Season Update for the Carmel Music Society.

The oldest musical organization in the Monterey Bay region, with an amazing history of bringing world-class musical artists to Sunset Center auditorium in Carmel, California, since 1927. I created their new website with the help of in November 2010, and we just launched the 2011-2012 season redesign, with all new content. Throughout the season I’ll add content to each individual artist’s page.

Ongoing: a website showcasing the work of the great 20th century American photographer Wynn Bullock.

This site is well through its first year and has become an ongoing and ever-growing project. Monthly Featured Image with written and audio commentary, periodic eNewletter, online sales, online Wynn Bullock research hub and archive. Dozens of pages, more than 140 images so far. I created lots of original Flash scripts to display the photos in a secure and high quality way. The site is also a retail outlet and it’s totally integrated with, iContact (email list 600+), and PayPal. Books and a DVD are onsale now directly from the website, and by late 2011 a major selection of Wynn Bullock photographs will be available for sale.

As a life-long professional in the arts and non-profit worlds, I understand the needs of artists, musicians, independent professionals, startups, and non-profit organizations. I’ll collaborate with you every step of the way: we’ll get your website completed and have fun doing it!