Creating Your Space on the Web

Color Basics

As you spend time online, notice websites you like and explore the reasons you like them. Is it ease of use, layout, colors, clarity of content? As you begin to conceive the contents of your own website, also think of the color scheme.

For example: we are accustomed to reading dark text on a light background (like you are reading right now). This follows the age-old concept of dark ink on light-colored paper.

But the computer screen is not paper: how about trying light text on a darker background?
Click here for sample popup window showing light colors on a dark background.

(My portfolio includes both styles — there are good arguments in both directions.)

Remember: it's all about the six-digit number, and each different text and background color has its own code. As you experiment, jot down the hex numbers of the colors you like. The number is preceeded by a # to identify it as a color number.

Here are some random examples. The three colors on the left are the most important colors of this website.

#003333 #990000

To experiment with COLORS, play with the clever color webpages below.

Colorizer  -  Great for seeing blocks of text on colored backgrounds

Color Generator - Yet another fun color site to play with

ColorCombo  and  Color Blender - Experiment with color combinations

ColourLovers - Explore colors and try different color palettes

Things to keep in mind when choosing website colors - an interesting online article